Schafer-N ApS
Lersö Parkalle 42
DK-2100 Copenhagen, Denmark
Tel +45 3927 3800

Custom peptide synthesis and high-density peptide arrays.

Schafer-N is a Danish company with more than 25 years experience in custom peptide synthesis. We are partners in several multinational research projects in the fields of peptide chemistry, immunology and biomedical engineering. Peptide synthesis is our main business. We have perfected our custom peptide synthesis techniques to a level where more than 95% of peptides ordered from us are successfully produced and shipped within 2 weeks. Peptides are shipped world-wide by courier and with a 30-day money back guarantee. Our prices are very competitive and we back you up with free expert assistance on any problems you may have with handling or design of your peptides. To order peptides or to make requests on peptide syntheses, simply email us or use the contact form in this website. With us you get a personal service from competent staff only and we respond quickly to any inquiries you may send us.

We only use proprietary peptide synthesizers and preparative chromatography systems and can handle more than 150 parallel syntheses on the 10-500 mg scale.  We do not import peptides from 3rd party manufacturers. We designed all our software systems for peptide synthesis and interpretation of LC-MS analyses. We have completed construction of high-density peptide array synthesizers able to synthesize hundreds of thousands of peptides on a microscope slide. The peptide sequences can be freely defined by you. With this technique we can reduce the cost to less than a cent per peptide. Even within a limited budget this makes it possible for you to screen all n-mer peptides from hundreds of proteins for binding of antibodies and other peptide ligands.

Custom peptide synthesis.

High-quality custom peptides are produced rapidly and at very competitive prices. Contact us for a quotation or for any advice you may need in relation to production of your peptides.

Custom HD-peptide arrays.

We synthesize high-density peptide microarrays with several hundred thousand peptides on a microscope slide. This technique opens new frontiers in screening for antibody epitopes and for binding motifs of other peptide ligands.

Analysis of HD-peptide arrays.

We offer complete analyses of your HD-peptide arrays including incubation with ligands, recording of raw data and statistical analysis of the results. Get all your peptide epitopes mapped on the single residue level in just one array.