Peptide modifications

We provide purified custom peptides with an extensive range of modifications. Listed below is a range of the more common modifications. This list is by no means exhaustive and we will be happy to quote on synthesis of peptides with more specialized modifications. Some of the modifications can be also be applied to peptides in our high-density custom peptide microarrays for screening of epitopes for antibodies and other peptide ligands.

    •  C-terminal amidation, methylation, pNa (Anb), PEGylation
    •  N-terminal acetylation, formylation, PEGylation or pyroglutamylation (pGlu)
    •  N-terminal biotinylation with or without spacer, biocytin on internal lysines and as C-terminal residue
    •  Fluorochrome labelling on N-terminal or via side chain of internal residues
    •  Synthesis of Ocam-ester peptides for enzymatic ligation using e.g. Omniligase
    •  Incorporation of Abz and nitro- tyrosine/phenylalanine
    •  Cyclization via disulfide bridges or using click chemistry
    •  MAPS and other peptide dendrimers
    •  Phosphorylations
    •  Conjugation to carrier proteins
    •  Conjugation to fatty acids
    •  Peptides on hydrophillic beads
    •  DOTA conjugation
    •  FRET peptides (Dabcyl/EDANS, Dnp/Mca, TAMRA/FAM etc.)
    •  His-tags, Flag-tags

Please contact us for a communication about the possibilities for production of these and other peptide modifications.