Peptide synthesis ordering

The price for custom peptides depends not only on the length of their sequence and the desired amount and purity. The amino acid sequence of the peptide is much more important in the calculations of price. With some relatively short peptides the aggregation tendency during synthesis and/or purification is so high that production of larger amounts is impractical. Conversely, some very long peptides have an amino acid sequence that makes them relatively easy to synthesize and handle after cleavage from the resin.

Based on experience from production of tenths of thousands of different peptides on the preparative scale we can make fairly educated predictions of the difficulties that may be encountered in production of a given peptide. If we spot a problem peptide in your orders or requests, we will issue warnings and offer constructive advice on modifications of the sequence that may improve synthesis and/or handling after purification.

For peptides that are reasonably manageable in terms of synthesis and purification, you will find our prices to be very competitive. For Peptide synthesis ordering or quotation, simply use our contact form or send us an email  at listing your sequences together with information about the desired amount and purity. We will respond to your mail within 12 hours.