Custom peptide synthesis

We synthesize custom-defined peptides on the milligram- to gram scale for the biotech industry and university researchers. The peptides are lyophilized and shipped in argon flushed airtight vials together with spec-sheets including LC-MS analyses. Upon request the peptides can be shipped in 2D-barcoded vials in 96-well trays or in labelled vials according to you preferences. Registered users can monitor the production state of their peptides on our on-line tracking system.

Our synthesis robots handle parallel synthesis of hundreds of peptides on the 1-500 mg scale and are operating 24/7. With a complete integration of software for order registration, synthesis, purification, LC-MS analysis and generation of spec-sheets, we are operating with a very high level of quality control. The majority of peptides produced by us have sequences in the range from 6 to 50 amino acids, but with reasonably benign sequences we can produce peptides that are considerably longer. We use a unique flow-through technique during loading and washing of the synthesis reactors. This ensures a very high yield of the target peptides and reduces the need for mechanical mixing or use of microwave-assisted synthesis.

The average delivery time for purified peptides is ca. 2 weeks from ordering date for peptides with a length up to ca. 50 amino acids. Crude desalted peptides can be shipped faster, but in general we advice our customers to order HPLC-purified peptides due to their higher purity and better stability.

The peptides are shipped worldwide by courier for next-day delivery.

To receive a quotation for peptide synthesis or to place an order, simply use our contact form or send us an email  at listing your sequences together with information about the desired amount and purity. We will respond to your mail within 18 hours. Do not hesitate to call us directly to discuss any issues regarding your peptides.